August 6, 2020

Apex Physics Partners Announces Major Expansion of its Therapy Physics Capability Through Partnership With Alyzen Medical Physics

TOWSON, MARYLAND (August 6, 2020) — Apex Physics Partners (APP), a leading medical physics business services support organization, is proud to announce a new partnership with Alyzen Medical Physics, a leader in therapy medical physics services.

The partnership with Alyzen Medical Physics (Alyzen) represents the sixth transaction for Apex Physics Partners since inception and the third transaction within the past 15 months in partnership with Blue Sea Capital.

Alyzen, headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, will join forces with Apex to create an unrivaled technology leader within medical physics leveraging its state-of-the-art commissioning process and cloud-based quality assurance solutions. Alyzen has provided therapy medical physics services to health care providers in its home market and across the country for more than 25 years.

“Keith and Michael saw and respected the vision that I have for Alyzen and the technology that we have developed.” says Mark Deweese, MS, DABR, founder and President of Alyzen. “I have built and run what I consider to be a successful practice, but I realized that having a partner in Apex would allow us to leverage the technology we have built to assist even more facilities and more greatly impact patient outcomes.” While reflecting on his decision to join Apex, Mark shared, “In the past, I have been approached by others inviting me to join forces. In my mind, they do not offer what Apex offers me: the ability to preserve the name and reputation I have built in the marketplace, the ability for me to maintain my clinical autonomy and the ability to work with my fellow practice leaders as peers to accomplish things that would be very difficult to do on our own.”

“Mark is a wonderful example of the type of partner Keith [Burns] and I envisioned supporting when we formed Apex Physics Partners,” says Michael Curry, CEO of APP. “His combination of high integrity, forward thinking and openness to collaboration are aligned with our core values and our vision for Apex and medical physics more broadly. It is rare to find someone who has already built a successful practice who is still so open to new ideas and collaboration. That is Mark Deweese.”

“We are excited to work alongside Mark and his talented team providing quality medical physics services to patients and clients,” says Keith Burns, President of APP. “By partnering with Alyzen, we have the opportunity to share their groundbreaking technology and innovative approaches with existing Apex clients and beyond. We often say that at Apex we are ‘one nation made up of many tribes.’ Alyzen is a welcome addition to the Apex nation.”

The addition of Alyzen Medical Physics brings the rapidly growing Apex Physics Partners team to 114 members (up from 16 in 2014). APP practices now serve more than 3,000 clients throughout the mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and South, supporting many of the best-regarded health systems, imaging networks, cancer treatment facilities, private practices, and research facilities in the country.

About Apex Physics Partners

Apex Physics Partners is a medical physics business services support organization. Through the Apex Physics Support Group, partner physics practices receive an array of support services including client services, accounting/finance, sales, marketing, human resources, recruiting, information technology, data analytics, vendor management, legal and insurance.

About Alyzen Medical Physics

Alzyen Medical Physics is a full-service therapy medical physics consulting company specializing in providing therapy physics and dosimetry services to cancer centers in the South, and commissioning and QUADRANT QA services across the United States.