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Our organization is comprised of leading technical and diagnostic professionals in the medical physics field, coupled with a best-in-class business and client services support team behind the scenes. We share a passion for excellence, dedication to client and patient care, and a commitment to industry leadership. Our Partners’ focused, professional and responsive team of board-certified medical physicists have expertise in all modalities and virtually every imaging manufacturer to provide comprehensive medical physics and radiation safety solutions to clients that are some of the most well-respected organizations in the U.S.

Together, our network of providers, practice owners, physicists and business experts collaborates through shared ideas and resources to address the many challenges facing the medical physics industry today.

In Service to Communities

Dedication to the health and safety of the people our Partners serve is the driving force behind Apex Physics Partners. We work to support them, so they can focus on providing premier care and service to patients in their immediate community, throughout their region, and across the country.

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left quotesWhen Keith and Michael purchased KGHP in 2014, there was a bit of hesitation and reservation from the staff. But they took the time to get to know both the technical and client services teams. They listened and learned what was important about the way we deliver services and some of the challenges we were having. As a result, they reinvested resources into the purchase of new equipment and helped us develop solutions to our problems.left quotes
— Michele F. Loscocco, President of KGHP
left quotesWe’re pleased to partner with Apex because we can continue to lead the practice we’ve built with the support of people who have significant experience with the business operations. The Apex partnership also affords us the time, as well as the structure, to collaborate with like-minded practice leaders for the benefit of our practice and the medical physics industry as a whole.left quotes
— John Sadler, Vice President and Partner of Radcom Associates
left quotesMichael and Keith respect us as practice leaders and we believe our reputation for quality physics, developing meaningful partnerships with our clients, and our unique company culture will be preserved as we work together to achieve our collective vision for medical physics.left quotes
— Lyle Wilson, President of Radcom Associates
left quotesI have known Keith and Michael since they entered the medical physics community as leaders of Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics (KGHP) in early 2014. I have watched them implement operational best practices, welcome new technology and grow a practice while maintaining outstanding physics standards and attracting high-quality physicists. I believe practices that embrace technology, preserve quality and deliver operational excellence will be best positioned to thrive in the future. I’m a physicist and not necessarily a management person ... that expertise really makes me excited about being a part of Apex Physics Partners.left quotes
— Bryon Murray, CEO of OMPC and ZapIT!
left quotesKeith and Michael saw and respected the vision that I have for Alyzen and the technology that we have developed. I have built and run what I consider to be a successful practice, but I realized that having a partner in Apex would allow us to leverage the technology we have built to assist even more facilities and more greatly impact patient outcomes. In the past, I have been approached by others inviting me to join forces. In my mind, they do not offer what Apex offers me: the ability to preserve the name and reputation I have built in the marketplace, the ability for me to maintain my clinical autonomy and the ability to work with my fellow practice leaders as peers to accomplish things it would be very difficult to do on our own.left quotes
— Mark Deweese, Founder and President of Alyzen
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