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Medical Physics Practice Owners

For medical physics practices who want to shape the future of physics with a larger platform or are looking for a partner with aligned values to help them transition their practice.

Apex Physics Partners offers partnership opportunities providing practice owners an opportunity to capture the financial value of the successful organization they’ve built.

As a Medical Physics Practice Owner, you have two potential paths with Apex Physics Partners:

  • Continue to lead your organization and benefit from ongoing, accelerated growth as an Apex Physics Partner.
  • Realize the value of the practice you’ve built and transition your business to a team who will take great care of your customers and employees.

In either case, the practice’s local autonomy and governance is retained. In our model, each practice is led and managed locally with complete day-to-day operational and clinical autonomy.

Are you a Medical Physics Practice Owner who:

  • Owns a thriving regional practice?
  • Is focused on providing high-quality client service?
  • Would like a proven partner to help transition or grow your practice?
  • Is concerned about the future of the physicists on your team and your clients?

Contact us today to learn the many ways a partnership with Apex Physics Partners can meet your practice needs.


Benefits of Partnership:

  • Opportunity to be a shareholder in a fast-growing business transforming the physics industry.
  • The opportunity to shape the clinical delivery and quality standards for Apex Physics Partners.
  • Increased capacity to support provider clients in a clinical capacity.
  • Career advancement and growth opportunities for the business owner and key physicist team members.
  • Access to a suite of best-in-class business services and tools.
  • Access to financial resources for continued growth and investment.
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Practicing Physicists

For medical physicists who are considering new opportunities or recent graduates seeking an opportunity to apprentice with experienced physicists, Apex Physics Partners provides you the opportunity to be the best physicist you can be. You can be an integral part of a fast-growing organization and contribute to the enhancement of the medical physics profession.

As a physicist with Apex Physics Partners you can:

  • Contribute to something meaningful and advance your medical physics career.
  • Enjoy career growth, potential for advancement and the opportunity to participate as a shareholder.
  • Learn and share best practices with some of the best medical and health physicists in the country.
  • Participate in our industry-leading training program.
  • Collaborate with peers to develop innovative ways to assist clients.